Soft Requirements

Extremely Outgoing!

You will have hundreds of people around you, wanting to know who you are and where you have come from. The students will look up to you and watch your every move. An ongoing smile on your face will brighten their days! An energetic and outgoing personality will make your time out there more enjoyable.

People Person

While you will have a lot of time in solitude to work on a hobby of yours, you will have also have many people around you on many occasions. You must enjoy curious faces looking at you, wondering who you are. Having the ability to communicate with many different types of people in many situations is an absolute benefit for you and will make your experience easier. At times, communication will be difficult, but with patience and poise, you will find a truly rewarding experience embedded within your efforts to communicate.

Travel Experience

Nepal is a beautiful country with a very distinct culture. It is among the most different places in the world for a Westerner to travel to and with (at least) a little bit of experience in different cultures, Nepal will not be too shocking of a culture. Although it will help to soften the shock of arriving, it is not absolutely mandatory to have travel experience, it will just be helpful.

Good with Kids

There will be hundreds of students at the school you will be teaching at. You will do your best to remember as many names as you possibly can, but every student there will know your name and want to talk to you. The ages of the students will be from 5 – 18, and some of these students will have only seen a Westerner on television. You may be the most popular person in the school or even the town, and being good with kids (and adults for that matter) will be very helpful for your experience.


Communicating with people whose first language is different from yours may be a challenge at times. Expanding your idea of how to communicate with a person who does not fully know your language will make your a more dynamic communicator, as you will learn to utilize your body and expression more than only words. Learning the best method of communication requires patience.

The Nepali culture is not as fast paced as most western cultures are. In fact, the pace within the Himalayas is even slower than what it is in the city. To fit into the culture, a person must demonstrate patience.


Khusi ko Jindagi – Cheers to Life!



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Respect for Culture
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