A successful teaching experience

Katie Robertson has returned from her school in Tolka, Annapurna.  She has another few weeks of school to teach in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, and then will return back to the states.  Her experience teaching in the Himalayas has been very fulfilling to not only her, but her students.  One of her favorite games to play was vocabulary Hangman.  The students would yell the answers with excitement, dismissing any insecurities they thought they had with the language.

Katie teaching in Tolka

Katie arrives at her school in Tolka

Katie is formally welcomed to her Himalayan village.

Katie Robertson arrived in her new school yesterday afternoon.  She was greeted by several of the teachers and others in her village.  The flower malas and red tikka on her face is a traditional greeting in Nepal's Himalayan villages.  Katie looks so happy as she starts her new adventure.  Just remember to keep your eyes open to embrace the beauty around you, Katie!

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For the next 8 weeks, 1 pencil will be donated per new follower that we receive on Twitter. Thanks to our partnership with The Yoke Project (www.theyokeproject.com)

we have received access to a large stationery distributor in Australia which will donate the pencils. We are very excited about this campaign and what it will bring to our schools in the Himalayas!

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Trek To Teach Has Become An NGO

Trek To Teach Has Become An NGO

After months of hard work, two lawyer replacements and too many pages of paperwork, we have officially become an NGO in Nepal. This certification is a great as attaining 501(c)(3) from the US government because it makes us official in Nepal. Our next goal is to work with the Department of Education to attain teacher stipends.